hi! morgan blake here. i'm an atlanta based photographer with an affinity for styling products, simplicity and a good story. i strive to see beauty in the things and people around me. photography has always been close to my heart, and the styling thing came later. both have worked hand in hand to bring me where i am today. 

for me, photography transcends simply capturing a moment in time. it is the process of taking an idea - a dream - and transforming it into a lasting, tangible piece of art. i love to style products to create a.clean, and natural look. setting the table is at the top of my list these days. staging a room, looking for just the right thing to add to the photograph, and creating mood boards are what i've been up to lately.  and i'd love to do those things for you, too. 


"Bring forth what is within you, then, whether it succeeds or fails. Do it whether the final product is crap or gold. Do it whether the critics love you or hate you -- or whether the critics have never heard of you or perhaps will never hear from you." - Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

thanks for taking the time to get to know me. if you're interested in a shoot or just want to get a cup of coffee, send me an email, or connect with me on instagram [@moeblake]

i'm looking forward to getting to know you!