kelsey lee

my favorite advice to give as a photographer, if ever asked, is to shoot personal work like crazy. i feel like this has not only been the bulk of my portfolio- but it allows and requires me to think, dream + create. a new goal for the year is to do even more personal work-- but bring others in. collaboration is magic. 

although this was just a quick shoot, with a new + stunning friend, ill never say no to a white wall + freckles followed by a floral couch. 


new york, new york

my bestie sarah + i had a little snowy get away in nyc this past week. we started with the ace + exploring the city then headed to brooklyn to prepare for the storm.

although juno the storm didn't create havoc as planned, we still managed to get  our flights cancelled + get "snowed in" at the cutest bnb in brooklyn. 

*some iPhone photos. why do i lug my camera around to just use my phone? 

london fashion week

what. an. experience. a few days before the big week, my most fashionable friend in london casually asks me if id accompany her to the vivienne westwood show. DUH. it was such a rush, so inspiring. 

afterwards we visited somerset house, where everyone is just the most beautiful, awesome looking person you've ever seen. i took advantage. 



took a little trip to nashville, tn with a fellow photographer. such a sweet little time we had. we never wanted to leave our airbnb-- you wouldn't want to either. 


the day we went to shoot in cotton at sunset. and the cotton didn't show up.


gosh, i knew the second i saw this girl-- dreams were going to be made true. 

sye is a local artist here in atl, with some new music coming out soon. be sure to watch her! meredith majorle rush did all the florals. incredible talents to work with. 

ended the year with a good one. 


welcome to the new space + blog + shop. glad to have you!

will be transitioning new + old things so its all in one pretty place.  

feel free to check out the old blog at //

butttt im pulling all my favorites over this way. 

love y'all. 

rt film.

travel film // part one

these photos make my heart stop. an amazing gift to pick these up from developing, taken back to a place where i felt like i never have before. thankful for these small files for they are a reminder of an adventure i will never forget.

kodak disposable camera

xan + fig

mornings with xanna.

my first morning in my new home, i decided to celebrate by taking advantage of my new beautiful light. 

I’m obsessed.

portland, or

loved portland + ace hotel + stump town shoot + kinfolk meeting + city view + a bathtub.

did not love leaving, another post for another day.

san fran, ca

day sixteen through day seventeen //

going to be honest and say that today was hard.

what was hard about it is that it has been so dang good. after waking up in jessicas apartment and walking to coffee, meeting her friends for lunch, then another for my second coffee , a beautiful shoot at the baths + finally dinner with old friends, i feel so loved, and am confident san fran has some of the nicest people around. especially your friends jess, keep them around. sad I missed you, but thanks for lending me your life.

my love for the west coast is so deep, that i really cannot shake the fact that i simply don’t want to leave. not just a oh I love it here type thing. i truly am sad to go. i know this journey has been what you could call a vacation, but i’ve viewed it differently. and because of it, I’ve experienced community, friends, challenging conversation, and an experience like one would live in each city.

so before i offend the place i currently call home, ill stop and think things through as i have been the past few days. and get back to y’all soon. california has done it again.

big sur, ca

day fifteen //

put drive up the coast of california on your list.

one of the coolest, most beautiful things i’ve ever done. thankful to get to stop one thousand times, for new roadtrip tunes by asgeir, a climb down to hide in little part of the cliff, fog rolling in + a grilled cheese with tomato jam for lunch.

i simply should let the images explain my day

santa barbara, ca

day twelve - day fourteen //

lumping these together. such a fun experience at photo field trip. got to learn from, hang with, shoot with photographers that i so look up to. and even better make new friends, who are all so stinkin talented.

truly felt like camp, except grown up, with tons of creatives and a really amazing dance part to close it out.

leaving inspired and super challenged.

[ portrait by my new wittiest friend vik manchanda ]

palm springs, ca

day eleven // i wasn’t ready to leave la, but ptl i was headed here. the ace hotel + swim club in palm springs. 

i feel like this place holds everything that i love in its pretty hands. ace does things with excellence, and i will support them wherever i go.

spent most the day either in my robe by the fire on my porch, or at the pool getting totally burnt.

headed to friends in pasedena for the next night on my trek to santa barbara. love.

los angeles

day eight//

spent today in all these places. 

woke up in sallys amazing home. (ptl for friends like matt vaughn)
coffee at intelligentsia.
hopped over to my fave store in silver lake reform school. 
nails did at olive and june. 
snacks at eat drink americano. 
late night shopping at american apparel flea. 
dinner + sunset with sweet new friend sarah shreaves. 

brought to you by my phone. because i left my camera at home today, on purpose.

phoenix, az

day six //

few things..

1. we treked to sedona, and I’m so glad we did. full of beautiful things i have never seen before. 

2. my sweet friends anna + bethany could and should be professional models. beaut. 

3. i love cactuses, like a lot. 

phoenix has been a good place of rest, and needed it more than i knew.