austin ii. / by morgan blake

day two//

feel strange because i feel like time should be flying, but i already feel like ive been in austin for a while. and i love that feeling. this is a special place, and once blown away by the people here. 

started the day at wright brother brew + brew. reminded me of octane at home, but dont tell them— iced vanilla lattes in austin are way better. i have a feeling that along this journey i will have had all the best ones in each city and im really okay with that. i walked a lot today, and when i wasnt walking i found a cool place to sit and either eat, or chat with new friends. hotel san jose was as cool as i pictured it, with even cooler people inside. sat at a table with some of the most beautiful people.. and even stole them away for a few photos. also stopped by roadside relics, where an artist has been recreating neon signs, and collecting old ones as well. a mustsee. 

i learned a little lesson yesterday, and it continued onto this morning. while sitting at joes on day one, i saw a photo in my head that i had to take. it was of a girl sitting next to me studying. she had an awesome look to her. a cool leg tattoo and a little bit of blue in her hair. i never got the courage to ask her if i could take her photo. and i just was mad at myself all day. an hour or so later a photographer that was visiting austin as well asked me if he could take my photo- and course as easy as it is, i said yes. again this morning, a sweet girl walked in the coffee shop and we chatted and she asked to take my photo. again- just getting my butt kicked. and no joke, as i was chatting with her, the SAME leg tattooed blue haired girl from jos the morning before walked right in to wright bros. all that to say, im telling you all now.. on this trip, my challenge to myself is to simply just ask people if i can take their photo if the opportunity arises. i mean, its so not hard. [ps. i still never got the photo of the girl, she was in and out so quick] 

i love shooting people, so much. and the fact that i lose out on what i think are amazing photographs that i forsee in my imagination, just is really pushing on me today. accountability accepted.