marfa ii. / by morgan blake

day five//

little late. but here’s some captures from one of my new favorite places on earth. marfa, ill be back soon.

leaving was a sad but i knew i had a amazing ride ahead of me. being alone, i thought i might not enjoy it as much, but man, most beautiful drive. going up the border of mexico was an experience, but it provided so much to see + i even purchased a cow skull for just a few dollars. why? cuz i never know when im gonna be on the border of mexico again. 

went out of my way to see white sands national monument and my arrival accidentally + perfectly collided with sunset. ah-mazing. huge, white, quiet, dunes with a mountain sunset in the background. i could see people that felt miles away climbing the dunes, and sledding down them. felt like i was in a whole nother world. i could have spent a whole day here.

arrived super late in phoenix, but it was worth the million roadside stops, white sands, and blasting beyonces new album.