san fran, ca / by morgan blake

day sixteen through day seventeen //

going to be honest and say that today was hard.

what was hard about it is that it has been so dang good. after waking up in jessicas apartment and walking to coffee, meeting her friends for lunch, then another for my second coffee , a beautiful shoot at the baths + finally dinner with old friends, i feel so loved, and am confident san fran has some of the nicest people around. especially your friends jess, keep them around. sad I missed you, but thanks for lending me your life.

my love for the west coast is so deep, that i really cannot shake the fact that i simply don’t want to leave. not just a oh I love it here type thing. i truly am sad to go. i know this journey has been what you could call a vacation, but i’ve viewed it differently. and because of it, I’ve experienced community, friends, challenging conversation, and an experience like one would live in each city.

so before i offend the place i currently call home, ill stop and think things through as i have been the past few days. and get back to y’all soon. california has done it again.