austin iii. / by morgan blake

day three//

this day came together most perfectly. all connections that friends back home, and all the way from nyc fit together on my very last full day in austin. 

started my day with sweet molly + her roomie callie. they brought me to the coolest creek area, way cooler than what i was imagining. as you can see. molly was a total natural, had an amazing way of expressing herself in front of the camera. and just another really genuine encounter with her. 

met claire for a quick hi and few photos at easy austin succulents. yep a whole place filled with them. heaven.

then candice from ohfoxvintage and i had an afternoon full of shooting products, sharing about our struggles and joys within the creative communities in our very different cities. plus, shes a fox. love having these interactions with people, its probably my favorite thing about traveling that ive discovered after spending some time out in la last april. when you get to do a bit of life with the people in that city. feels like your a part and not just stopping through. 

then dinner with a twitter introduction, abby which was filled with great conversation and brussel sprout salad from a food truck behind a local bar. 

to be honest, im sad to leave. ive just had the best time, and learned so so much. ending the night in a little restaurant eating goat cheesecake + a rosemary lemonade and reflecting on my trip thus far, and preparing for an exciting shoot in the am before heading to my next destination. 

with love.